Thank You!


I am sincerely grateful to so many who have invested in this ministry!!!

The list just got a whole lot longer!

The following is a list of everyone who supported my first album, “Real With You.” Supporters include 164 Kickstarter backers, as well as so many who supported outside of the Kickstarter campaign, and so many generous friends who donated their time, talent, and services! Much love!

To ALL who have believed in this ministry opportunity and supported it through your generosity and prayers: words cannot express my gratitude!

You have been instruments of the Lord to bring about His work in my world, and soon in the lives of many others. Please stay-in-touch as He breathes life into this ministry. I pray that you can share in the joy of seeing lives changed and hearts transformed, as we serve people in Jesus’ Name.

Please continue with me in prayer that the love of Christ would be experienced in tangible ways, where music is merely a means to greater service. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would flow freely through this music, through each and every lyric, and through me at every concert, to the glory of our Lord, the salvation of souls, and the edification of the saints!

Rejoicing in 200+ Contributors!

ID-1001423384soils, Philip Accorso, Allison Adams, Kristin Allegrucci, Kristi Amyot, Michael Anna, Family, James Augustine, Christina Baker, Pam Barber, Frank & Patti Baron, Gary & Loreen Beikirch, Gyllian Bell, Jeff & Kristin Berl, Bill & Sheila Bonnell, Chris & Dana Boshnack & Family, Vince Bovenzi, Dillon & Cristen Brisco, Judy Brondon, Jerry Bryant, Rachel Butler, Larry Byron, Alexandra Cantatore, Paul China, Yvonne Cleveland, Colleen Collichio, Geoffrey Cook, Cordell Cordaro, Jessica Cortina, Gail Cresswell, Jamie Cucit, Laurie Cucit, Nancy Curran

Brien Charles David, Ron & Renae DeFrance, Jennifer DeGuglielmo Corey, Frank DeLuccio, Sharon Delucia, Fred & Marie DiCesare, Jerry Dill, Dan & Kari Dutton, Daniel Dutton, Joel & Brianna Dutton, Bob & Marilyn Dyjak, Dave & Erica Entner, Janet Erickson, Colette, Fabry, Jake & Cheryl Fabry, Carl & Christine Fantauzzo, Marilyn Fantauzzo, Julia Fesyuk, Terry & Lori Fisher, Barbara Fitzpatrick, Melissa Foley, Jamie Forte, Patty & Rod Forte

Shari Gardner, Linda Garland, Mary Ann Giglio, Jim Goodison, Pastor George & Penny Grace, Jeffrey Grace, Rick & Peg Grape, Jim & Becky Gray, Bill Greider, Carissa Greider, Sue Groemminger, Stefanie Gruber, Jean Grugnale, Nikki Guy, Bret & Kim Haas, Diane Hajecki, Tricia Harter, Ellen Hatch, Kathy Hatch, David Hayden, Kathy Hayden, Frank & Maria Hilbert, Ben Holm, Carol Hulsizer, Corey & Kristin Inzana, Dan & Jan Jalowiec, Stephanie James, Michele Johnson, Nancy Johnston, Heather Jones, Valerie Jones

ID-10091687Barbara Kaiser, Shawn Kelly Sr., Katylin Kelly, Andrea Kirke, Jimmy Klein, Holly Kluge, Jessica Kulpit, Rebecca Landis, Kara Lindsay, Brittany Lyons, K. M., Sue Madison, Brian & Katie Marakas, Carol & Tom Marchese, Bethany Marcum, Jane Marini, Milo & Taylor Martin, Jennifer Martlew, Michelle Marzulo, James Mateyka, Heather Maynard, Marc Maynard, Sheila McCloud, Pastor Marty McDonald & The City Church, Rita McTigue, Richard Meng, Nancy Merrick

Pastor Mike & Louise Metzger, Andy & Alma Miller, Colleen Milner, Heather Morris, Russ & Elaine Morturano, Sara Mucino, Sam & Phyllis Muratore, Charles Murray, Bob & Linda Neer, John Newman, Hon. John Ninfo & Judith Ranaletta, Northstar Christian Academy PTSA, Nikole Oakden, Andrew & Sarah Ohl, Jill Orologio, Phillip Paine, Michael & Kimberly Palumbo, Brandon Marlo & Pastore, Jason & Melissa Patrick, Tom Peter, Jane Petske, Karen Phoenix & Family, Toma Pickett, James Pilachowski, Steven Pohnert, Barbara Potter, Cathy Pozzuolo, Lesley Ralph, Jeff & Jane Reczak, Bryan Reed, Ila Riddle, Jacqui Rogers, Kathryn Romig, Jose Rosenbaum, Bill Ross & Mary Snyder, Christina Roushey, Rebecca Sadwick & Logan Holtz, Tim & Kristen Sampson, Ken Sarfaty, Rita & Dave Saunders, Vince & Marie Scavetta, Kelly Schiffhauer, Marcus Schmitt, Kimberly Schulz, Anna Senko, Jennifer Simpson, Shawn & Stephanie Sloan, Alex & Chrissy Sluk, Jesse & Bernita Smith, Kenya Soto, Bradley & Amanda Spriggs, Shawna Spriggs, Kyle Stanbro, Ron & Diane Stanbro, Neil Stephens, Bill Stroup, Laurie Styller-Ruh, Nathan Swartzlander

ID-10087368Doug & Linda Tanner, Nathan Teal, Brie Tomlinson, Keith Trammel, Julie Tsoukalas, Katelyn Tumia, Vinnie & Kelly Tumia, Frank Vicaretti, Joe & Kim Vitelli, Alexis Vogt, Mark & Sonja Volkmar, Carl Wager, Ben &

Carrie Waye, Sara Sewart Weaver, Elisabeth Wegman, Michael & Sarah West, Heather White, Stacy Wicks, Renee Wing, Becky Winter, Evelyn Withers, David & Michelle Yaussy, Tom & Lynette Yaw, Matthew Young, Shannon Young, Debra Zonnevylle

To Travis Brockway – the brilliant mind behind the scenes! Producer & Engineer extraordinaire! I stand amazed at God’s goodness to me in bringing you to this album.

To Shane Barnard & Shane Everett for being so willing to give of your time and talents to contribute to my album.

To Abby Potts and Nolan Burke for your beautiful contributions on strings.

To every musician who brought their gifts and humble attitudes to make this album happen!

Me, Toby Hall (Acoustic), Joey Parish (Drums/Perc), & Travis Brockway (Producer)


Me and my hubby


Tyler Halford (Bass)


Tyler Martin (Lead Guitar)


Travis Brockway (Producer/Engineer/Genius & all-around super incredible servant of God)


Jason Stanbro <3



ID-10049181From My Kickstarter Video:

To Rob Vandenbergh (Edgewater Video Productions) for your willingness to take on this Kickstarter video project and bring to it all your energy, time, creativity and many talents!

To Keith Trammel (Trammel Creative Portraiture) for donating your time and talent, for finding the perfect location and for enduring the frigid weather to make these pictures a reality (now if only the subject could be more photogenic…but I digress…).

To Monica DiCesare, out of whose mind came the concept for the video!

To my family and friends who endured the freezingness of the video shoots to make this happen! Jason Stanbro (hubby), Christopher Fantauzzo (nephew), Marie DiCesare (mom), & Jamie Forte, John Muoio, Andrew & Sarah Ohl (amazingly supportive friends)!


To Sonia Sgotto Amadio (Studio 141 Photography) for letting me come over at the crack of dawn to do my hair & make-up cause I am inept at such things!

Who am I forgetting? I always forget someone…


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