My Heart

The issues of slavery, oppression, and poverty are an ever-present burden on my heart. At the very least I want to share with as many as possible to help the cause. Ignoring it doesn’t change the fact that lives are being devastated daily. Throwing our hands up in despair doesn’t help the multitude of voices crying out for rescue, praying that someone would be willing to DO something to save them. It’s not too big a problem if we unite.

Let’s allow God’s Spirit to work in us, to make us feel, to compel us to get out of our insulating bubbles and show some REAL love to those in need (whose shoes could have been ours but somehow weren’t).

Please consider joining forces in some way. Click any organization below to learn more…


Faith Hope & Love


Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion





Combating Slavery & Igniting Hope



Fighting To End Child Slavery



Find A Need & Fill It, Find A Hurt & Heal It



S.O.A.P Outreach for Rescue








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