Moving in God’s Will



It’s official.  My husband, Jason, has accepted a position for a new job that will take us 11 hours from the place we’ve called home our entire lives.


And just as God in 2013 brought us through an insane Kickstarter project, three intense weeks of recording in Texas, the loss of our third baby, a suspicious pathology report, and two surgeries, with a surreal sense of transcendent hope, He is thus sustaining us into this new season.


Neither of us have ever seriously considered leaving our home, our loving families and our incredible friends to move anywhere…dare I say it…far.  We’d both had fun with the thought of moving to better weather, but this new state we’re headed for has a climate similar to ours, a little colder even.  Yet in our individual prayers since this job possibility came into our path, God has been gently revealing His will. 


At one point, before the decision was made, I remember saying, “is it weird that I feel this sort of hopeful anticipation when I think about this new job opportunity?  Almost like this might be what God has for us in a new season?”  Jason’s reaction was one I didn’t expect.  He was feeling the same way.


But why?  We looked closer…and we honestly couldn’t find any logical reason to explain why we were mutually feeling these small sparks of excitement…but for God’s leading.


In the days that followed we sought Him more diligently, focusing our seeking on the big question: “is this YOUR will?”  And God was faithful to answer.


Have you ever seen movies where a person is trying not to think about something or someone, so they turn on the TV for distraction, but every channel they land on is talking about it?


That was us.


It was like everywhere we turned there was a story of different couples with young kids who were being called by God to move to faraway places for ministry, or the state we were considering moving to was popping up everywhere…like in movies, on license plates of cars next to us on the road, fans who liked my Facebook page or on the Twitter feed…this random state seemed to be popping up everywhere.  And it’s not as though the reason was that we had just started paying attention…we’ve been paying attention ever since – and for over a month we have not seen that state popping up so much as it did in the week just before the offer came.


During that week, with all the seeming signs, we took it in stride and simply prayed. 


One of the most memorable, deep, guts-out-on-the-table prayers we’ve ever prayed took place during that week.  I cried like a little baby as we both poured out our hearts to God, placing our lives before Him, surrendering ourselves to His service, without condition or stipulation, willing, ready, listening.  The leading of God came faithful and strong.  The promise of being used in ministry drew our hearts and prepared us to say yes to this move.


And then it was a whirlwind…


We’ve had realtors, appraisers, inspectors, contractors, electricians, charity trucks to pick up donations, a de-clutter expert, a cleaning company, photographers for the listing, and finally, buyers, all coming through our house like a veritable parade.


Our house went on the market last Friday.


Saturday morning, the sign was pounded into the cold ground in our front yard.


Sunday, three potential buyers came through.


Sunday evening, our house was sold.


Today is Tuesday.


This kind of craziness walks hand-in-hand with stress…but for God. 


You see every step of the way, the Lord has spoken into our souls, nourishing, revitalizing, strengthening, reassuring.  And in those hiccups, where anxiety threatens to creep in, Jason has taken the kiddos so that I could steal some extra quiet time in prayer and the Word. Then as if passing the baton, I’d cover the house and babies so that he could get alone with the Lord and be refreshed and filled up.


If you’re reading this, I pray that you might take away this one perfect truth –


The God of the universe loves you and His promises are true.


When you cling to Him, He is faithful to bring you peace (even when it makes no sense that you could feel it) in every circumstance.


Every Word He has spoken, He is delighted to prove.


He asks only that we trust Him, that we believe Him, take His Word at face value, live faith.


And He’s so fabulous, He doesn’t even ask this of us without also offering assistance through His Spirit.


Circumstances are volatile.  God will not be moved.  He is our anchor, no matter where we live or where we move, no matter which season we find ourselves in.


**I love you Jesus and praise You for You are deserving and greatly to be praised, for You are light and love, righteous and just, compassionate, beautiful God**






9 thoughts on “Moving in God’s Will

  1. Kathy Hayden

    I Love you all and would love to visit!! Where are you going?!!

  2. Jen,
    I first heard your music at the end of the Inspired to Action podcast a week or so ago. Then today I listened to the interview you did with Kat. And now I’m reading your blog. What a blessing to read your words. In your interview, I was struck by your reminder to carefully listen to how God is leading you and what he is saying. I too have heard that ‘almost audible voice’ one time and it sent me all the way around the world to serve breast cancer patients in Romania. I’ve since learned that life is one big adventure, complete with it’s share of challenges, ups & downs, twists & turns. But in the end, it’s worth it all and the story God weaves through the journey is the blessing we are able to share with others. Personally, I have just experienced the most out-of-my-control year in 2013 and yet, 2014 is the year of promise. The year where I look back and see how God provided in 2013 every step of the way and taught me that He is bigger, He is stronger, He knows all, and He cares for me. You are so right – the God of the universe loves us and His promises are true. What a timely reminder. Your words were a blessing. Thank you!

    • Hi LeeAnn,
      Wow sister! I was on a plane when your comment came in. When I landed and took my phone out of Airplane Mode, I received your message and was moved to tears walking through the airport. :) All glory to God! It is only the miracle of His Spirit working that would allow words from little me to resound in your heart. I have never done anything so bold and beautiful as serving breast cancer patients in Romania. I looked at my husband and said, “Did God really just use ME to minister to this awesome sister?” I scarce feel worthy…a testimony to the grace, mercy, and compassionate heart of God, to use whomever He delights to use.

      I’m so happy to hear that God has revealed to you more of Who He Is and all that He provided in 2013 … to strengthen your faith, deepen your trust, and bring you measures of peace and joy you never dreamed possible. Please keep in touch! If there’s any way I can pray for you or rejoice with you, feel free to use the Contact section of my site to shoot me an e-mail. Would be blessed to walk this journey with you :)

  3. Your story sounds a lot like Rob and I in 1982. God called us to move from the only home we’d every known, family, church, and travel with a 2 yr old and 7 year old 9 hours away to attend college. Of course the family was sure that we would return to our little country church when college was done, but that’s not what God had planned. Now after 24 years of service at FBBC and NCA I can answer some of the “Why did God do that questions.” So glad to hear that the Holy Spirit is the leader in your decision and can’t wait to hear of the many blessings for your obedience to His calling. You are in my prayers.

    • Thanks so much Betty! Your story is a blessing. FBBC will always be home. We’ll just have to create a second one out there. :) Thank you for your prayers! We feel God’s hand through them, and we’re so grateful.

  4. Bob Dyjak

    The Lord’s leading can be scary and exciting at the same time. The thing to remember is that He knows best and knows the conclusion of the matter. I know I became much more aware of His working in my life when I was “transferred” from Kodak (they called it downsizing) to work on FBBC’s new facilities at 990 Manitou Road in 2003. It has been a fantastic journey since, not without its ups & downs, but that’s how we learn and grow. It is just a new chapter in your life. May God bless.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience and for your words of encouragement, Bob. :) Every affirming word is sweet to my soul. We will simply take one obedient step at a time, and trust God for the outcome according to His will. Great is His faithfulness :) May God bless you and Marilyn, and your family as well!

  5. Jessica

    I’m in the middle of listening to your podcast with Kat and had to stop and put a face with a name. :) So many of the things you are talking about with Kat feel true to my heart. When I flipped over to your blog, I was immediately confident that God is using your words as one more confirmation in my journey just as there were a million little things He used to confirm this move for your family. He comforted you and you are comforting me. In your life, He has been true to all His promises and His past grace is fueling your confidence in His future grace. And your confidence fuels my confidence… Thank you!

    • Hi Jessica,
      Thank you so much for your incredible and beautifully expressed comment! To be used by God is a true privilege. I’m just going about life and God introduces these experiences…I share them…and now the Lord is speaking into your life through His work in mine. It’s just all too profoundly Divine for my little mind to get hold of. We serve an Awesome God! Praying that the cloud that leads you by day and the fire by night would continue to strengthen your faith in the path of God’s will. :)

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