Magic Eye and God


Have you ever looked at a Magic Eye picture?  Aren’t they fun?  The first few times I looked at the pictures I was young, maybe eight or nine years old. I remember focusing so hard and trying with all my might to see the hidden image.  Surrounded by peers who were oooh-ing and aaah-ing, I gave-up, joined them in amazement, and pretended that I saw what they were seeing.

Do we ever do that with God? Ooops I’m getting ahead of myself…

One day I was walking through the mall and noticed a Magic Eye display set up in the center of the atrium.   My mom was looking around, so there was no pressure for me to force an experience. Relaxed and in no hurry, I simply looked…and within just a few moments the edges began to show signs of dimension. With excitement I looked longer and my heart leaped as I beheld a clear figure…it had been there the whole time.  As my eyes adjusted it became clearer and clearer until it appeared well chiseled and obvious.

From that point forward, each time I encountered a new Magic Eye picture, the image popped out to me faster and more vivid, until finally my eyes were so well attuned, I needed only to glance at the picture and I was able to behold the image instantly.

I share this silly little piece of history because my experience with ‘seeing’ God has been revealed to my soul similarly over the years.

I grew up with Jesus-loving parents, who were (and are) both gifted musicians, and I watched the way they behaved leading worship and in prayer before the Lord.   In my early teens it was my turn, and I absolutely joined them in amazement and (to some degree) pretended that I saw what they were seeing–God. 

Slowly but surely, head-knowledge turned to heart-knowledge and over the years I broke free of the pressures of the ears listening and the eyes watching and just gazed upward.  Relaxed and in no hurry, I simply looked…and one day, there He was.  And He’s been there ever since.

As soon as I look for Him, I find Him because I know what I’m looking for now.  Rather, I know WHO I’m looking for–God, loving Father, merciful and gracious King. His form is now completely visible to my soul’s eyes.

He is mesmerizing.

I’m sweetly aware of His delight in our shared moment, His love warms me and His strength sustains me. He is God, and I see Him.

In soul-seeing, I’ve found the richest and deepest of communions with the One who is Beauty, the One who is Love.


Do you know this God?  Do you make time to relax, get quiet, reject the urge to hurry, and allow yourself to really see God?  He is sooo infinitely worth it!


A beautiful song that always draws me into a place of peace-filled quality time with Jesus is Bethany Dillon’s song, “To Those Who Wait.”  Check it out here.

the Holy Spirit ministers through every note. Desiring to pass on the blessing that I’ve received.


Wishing you sweet communion…



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