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Hello Mornings!

  Here’s my deal…when my little people pitter patter into my room between 5-6am and wake me up, my heavy eyes open slightly to behold their cuteness, and then I am immediately acutely aware of the craziness I’m about to embark upon.  Uh oh, the day has started without me. I already feel like the…

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Be At Rest

Return, O my soul, to your rest; for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.  Psalms 116:7 Isn’t it interesting that the psalmist was talking to his own soul…reminding himself essentially, that the Lord has always been good to him, and that is a singularly beautiful reason to relax? I could waste precious time pondering,…

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Keeping Track of God’s Handiwork

  I recently read an amazing chapter (one of many) in Leigh McLeroy’s book, “Treasured.”  In it she describes that she created a beautifully decorated book some time ago. Its pages were filled with every bit of her heart’s desires, from the deepest to the silliest, the noblest, to the most simple, and all in…

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