A God-Ordained Blackout


I was super blessed this morning by God’s good ways.


Let me start by sharing that one of my new years resolutions is to spend more time in my Bible and less time in my Bible App.


When my kiddos wake up in the morning and come to cuddle in bed, they see me on my phone.  They don’t know if I’m checking e-mail, on Facebook/Twitter, reading a book or reading God’s Word…they just see mom on her phone.  Not that there’s anything terribly wrong with any of those activities but, there’s no example being set.  They aren’t seeing mom intentionally in the Word as priority.


I very much desire to leave an imprint in my children’s memories of their mom reading her Bible.  God knows that this is my desire, and as it is a desire that brings Him glory and points my kids toward Jesus, I have no reason to believe that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t be willing to help weak little me achieve this goal.


Here’s how that is relevant to what happened this morning…


I woke up at 5:30am…tired.  I let the light stay off, reached for my phone, stayed under warm, comfy blankets and opened my Bible App…knowing that this cop-out version of quiet time (which I too-often settle for) rarely takes place with me ‘all there.’


And it would have been totally understandable if God, disappointed in my sad lack of interest in this amazing opportunity to commune with the Almighty, would have just let me go through with it.  He could have allowed me to take that distant position, carrying out that half-invested act of religion, and let me slosh through my day in my own strength.


But in His grace, He pursued me.


As my Bible App loaded, I glanced at the corner of the screen and noticed that I had 1% battery power left.  And then…blackout…my phone shut down.


Knowing exactly what my God was up to, I gratefully thanked Him for foiling my bad plan, leaned over, flipped on the light, grabbed my Bible (which I actually have to sit-up to read), and well…what’s a quiet time without a journal nearby to chronicle my sweet relationship with profoundly awesome God?!



That’s it.  That’s my story.  In the time that followed I drank living water and my thirst disappeared.  I received all that He promised – peace, rest, refreshment, grace and strength for the day…even a note from Him to me in Proverbs 18.  A note that shaped my thoughts today, bringing them into captivity to obey Christ.


In a song God gave me called ‘God Speak,’ the first verse says,


“Here…now…Your presence fills these very walls. 

How could we seek after anything else?”


I shake my head that at times I seek after other things…I seek to sleep a little longer. I seek to finish my To Do list first. My soul needs to be reminded how good God is and how good it is to be in His presence.


Will you join me in seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness?  He is so worth every moment invested.


Ok so I didn’t intend for this to be a plug for that song…but actually I’m giving it away free through Christmas when you subscribe to my site…if you don’t have a copy yet, do click HERE. Watch the YouTube version below! 

May God speak through it (pun intended) and your soul be blessed!


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