Together We’re An Ocean


Hi Y’all!  I have a cool opportunity to share with you – let me start here…

During this fabulous holiday season, we tend to eat more than usual right?

What if we took a small step in unity to make that possible

for children living in extreme poverty?

I received this mailer from Compassion recently and I absolutely LOVE the simplicity and practicality of it!

I’m doing it!

And I would love for you to join me!

What is she talking about, you ask?

Wanna eat three square meals on November 5th?
Don’t. Eat just two.
Let the mild hunger pangs groan for a mere few hours, and serve children all over the world who are tragically well-acquainted with hunger pangs, severe ones.

How, you ask?

Simply estimate how much that one missed meal would cost, and make a donation to Compassion’s OneMealOneDay campaign. It’s so easy!

Imagine the influx of food money that could come in from all of us wealthy folks with full bellies, just by skipping ONE MEAL…money that could go straight to people for whom the words, “give us this day our daily bread,” has a drastically different significance.

Whatever your preference, breakfast/lunch/dinner…even choose a different day if November 5th doesn’t work for you. But on November 5th, my family will be skipping a meal, and spending that time in fellowship and in prayer, lifting up the precious impoverished. We’d love to have as many people join us as possible!

Ok, to wrap up my spiel, I’m going to share a song from a show that I personally think is kinda weird (ahem…LazyTown), but my kids love it…and this particular song is cute and applies sweetly here. The hook is –

“Alone we’re just a drop, together we’re an ocean!”

When I went to grab this video from YouTube, my kids heard it playing and immediately came over and watched. We cultivated this great opportunity to talk about the meaning of the song with regard to making a positive impact in our world for the millions of hurting people. If you can get past the silliness, hone in on the words. They are simple, but good.

If you can’t believe that I just embedded that goofy video in my post, you’re not alone. Me neither… nevertheless…

Compassion International is amazing! They are connecting people everywhere to pour out God’s love on these families in need!

Compassion is creating an OCEAN and EVERY DROP is necessary!

To join me and Compassion in this campaign, click below! One meal…so simple…so significant.

Jen’s One Meal-One Day Page

Much love in Jesus,


btw – Setting a money goal was required via the fundraising website…but honestly…I’d love to blow it out of the water! If just 20 of us skipped a $20 meal, we’d hit it easy. I bet collectively we can do better than that…

And if you might be considering sponsoring one of these precious souls, you can click below: If you decide to sponsor a child through this link, one of my sponsored children will receive a gift! How cool is that!

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

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