You’ve somehow managed to stumble upon an old, hidden archive on my site…some music samples from way back…

AS YOU LISTEN: (my disclaimer)

Please know that most of what is listed here was created for fun/experimentation in my little ‘studio’ (a mic, an interface, keys and mixing software) and was not intended to be heard outside my living room, nor was it meant to be the sum total representation of my style or my work.

I’m a stay-at-home Mama so there is little or no time to record glorious samples, nor does my meager set-up at home boast the resources that would allow me to do so. But I felt terrible having a website without giving you anything to listen to…so I dug into my archives and grabbed some stuff…

I ask you kindly to listen-with-a-grain-of-salt… thank you :)

A Cool Little Diddy

Got an idea in my head and recorded this while my kids were eating breakfast.  If you listen closely you can hear my daughter talking during the opening static. Someday I’ll make a song out of it.

Not Going Back

(original artist: Brenton Brown)

I created this sample a while back, simply experimenting with some new recording software.  My voice was hoarse that day, so I thought this song would make that work for me and not against me. Kinda fun…


(original artist: Enya)

Another sample I created while experimenting with new recording software.  This one was never meant to be heard either, but here I go again…


Prayer for Baby

I wrote this prayer for our babies when I was a few months pregnant for miss Jennalyn…It is the lullaby I sing to them every night before bed and the prayer I pray over them at the same time…I recorded it so it could be the soundtrack for their slideshows when we had their pictures done at Keith Trammel Creative Portraiture. You can click the audio link below to listen to the short version, or you can click the video link to listen to the full “Jamie” version.