Keeping Track of God’s Handiwork


I recently read an amazing chapter (one of many) in Leigh McLeroy’s book, “Treasured.”  In it she describes that she created a beautifully decorated book some time ago. Its pages were filled with every bit of her heart’s desires, from the deepest to the silliest, the noblest, to the most simple, and all in fine detail.  I’d imagine the feeling could be likened to the pleasure a child gets from making his/her Christmas list.  In any event, time passed and the book was put away and forgotten.  One day when she was packing up to move, she discovered it.  She writes:

“As I ran my fingers over line after line, I could hardly contain the tears.  God had literally given me the desires of my heart!  He didn’t just allow my wishes to come true; He placed the very desires deep in my heart that He meant to fulfill all along—to remind me of His love and to demonstrate to me His mighty power. For power and for glory, He ministered these sweet, specific graces to me.  I did not merit them.  He gave them away.  To remind me that the plans He has for me are plans for welfare and not for calamity, to give me a future and a hope (see Jeremiah 29:11).”

God ministered to me richly through this passage.  His voice came even stronger because I was reading this chapter literally JUST after I closed my journal.  In my journal I had titled the entry:  “May I write this so that I can see Your work, Oh God!”  The pages that I penned on this night were covered with requests for more of God’s Spirit moving in me and through me in specific ways.  My hope and intent was to come to a point down the road where I could look back on these words and see how God had answered my prayers, according to His will.  I wrote, “Fill me! Fill me that I may pour out Your grace, love and goodness on all people – on every person I encounter, from perfect strangers to my own children. I can’t pour out if I’m empty. I can’t do a thing for Your glory in or of myself.”

And then I opened up “Treasured” and it was as if God was telling me plainly, “I’ve heard your cries, my daughter, and I care for you as I care for Leigh. Now watch Me move.” How cool is that? How crazy is that? How GOD is that?

At this major juncture in my life I’ve never flown so blind, and at the same time I’ve never felt a stronger leading from the Lord.   The entire album hinges on God’s provision.  But He has been so gracious to me, and has already shown sweet confirmations of His will, which I am conscientiously keeping track of, so that I can look back on all this and praise Him all the more for His hand upon my life.

My soul, wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from Him.

Psalm 62:5

Do you journal?  Keeping track of life, from the biggest to the seemingly smallest moments can be an amazing way to see God’s hand.  Give it a try :)

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