Hello Mornings!


Here’s my deal…when my little people pitter patter into my room between 5-6am and wake me up, my heavy eyes open slightly to behold their cuteness, and then I am immediately acutely aware of the craziness I’m about to embark upon.  Uh oh, the day has started without me. I already feel like the horse is running and I’m just hanging on to its tail for dear life.

Ahh, but when I get up first…when I prepare my heart to worship and serve Jesus with my every thought…when I have a little time to shower and to plan what’s ahead…then I feel like I’m sitting comfortably in the saddle, holding the reigns and that horse is being calmed by the Holy Spirit.  My day is covered.

I am so excited!  Fall 2011 I discovered the Inspired to Action blog. The resources were all so helpful, I can’t say enough!  Everything I read on the site truly inspired me toward doing more to live the life God intends me to live to His glory.

I requested and received for Christmas 2011, the book Savoring the Living Water by Katie Orr and Lara Williams. I consumed that book as quickly as I could.  I downloaded the Maximize Your Mornings ebook by Kat @ InspiredToAction.com and quickly devoured that in turn.

And now, over a year later, I am still finding the service and ministry of these wise women to be a blessing, re-aligning my perspective and re-motivating me.

I was so bummed in the fall because I missed the registration for the Hello Mornings challenge.  This year I was up at 4:30am diving into the scene joining a group as quickly as my uncharacteristically slow computer would allow. I found myself praying for patience as I waited for each page to load.

Yeah, I’m that excited.

I am pleased to report I have officially joined a wonderful group of women on the journey paved with early mornings and Spirit-filled time with God.  I cannot wait to see how God will move as I pursue Him more diligently and make time to hear His voice more clearly!

Join me if you like, and see what happens in your world as you take hold of the reigns and surrender more fully to Jesus!

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