Craft & Game Idea for Pre-Schoolers: Thy Word is a Lamp

Jennalyn participates in Awana.  We love Awana!  The goal is to get God’s Word as deep into the hearts of our children as possible.   The implementation is through a variety of fun activities and certainly through being examples ourselves.

We use the content in her Awana handbook as a guide for memorizing scripture and studying God’s Word.  Every morning while we’re eating breakfast we read and discuss the stories, and practice our memory verse (this always takes the form of a rap with a funky beat, which we all bang out on the table… cognitive connections are so much stronger when they’re tied to music…a blog post for another day).


The latest chapter provided a craft idea to support the story.  We followed the directions and then I branched off to other applications.  I thought I’d share because the kids really enjoyed them.

First, the craft:  Paper Lanterns

Directions courtesy of Awana Clubs Cubbies

My idea for these was to place a battery-operated/flameless candle inside and use them to light our way in the dark.

Pic from


The application is from Psalm 119:105-  “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”   Of course there are a myriad of ways to explain this.  Here’s one…

You could ask your kiddos about the characteristics of darkness….

1)   You can’t see anything (at three  and four years-old stating the obvious is part of the teaching process, it keeps little minds with you/engaged, and the simpler the content, the better they can latch onto it and bring their own knowledge to the table).

2)   You don’t know which way to go.

3)   You have to be careful not to bump into anything. Etc.


Now apply it to life.  Sometimes we don’t know what the best choice might be for us.  Use sharing and/or forgiveness as an example…You can come up with whatever example you like, but it seems sharing can always be used as an example for this age somehow.  You might say “When you’re playing with a toy and your brother comes up and takes it from you without asking, you have a choice.  You could choose to forgive him and share with him, or to be angry with him and not share with him.  Hmmm, which way do you go? Now God’s word can shine light on the best path for you.  God’s word says “Be ye kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”  Eph. 4:32

The Take Home:  whenever we are unsure of what to do or which way to go, it’s like being in the dark.  But God’s word lights our way, just as these lanterns can light our way.

The Fun Game: This time of year in our neck of the woods it’s dark outside by 5:30pm so we were able to play our Lantern Hide & Seek right after dinner.   My husband and Jennalyn chose a hiding spot and then set up the lanterns to lead to the spot, while my son and I counted to 20…slowly.   Then we followed the lighted path to find them.  We took turns doing this in a pitch-black house (except for the corner of the room where we counted) and the kids had a great time!


I pray God’s Word would ever be a light that leads us individually, and as a family in the center of His will, and I pray the same for everyone who reads this little post.

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