God is Good

I’m so grateful you came to visit. My name is Jen.  I’m a servant of Jesus, who is King of Kings, who is the Son of God, who put on our skin and limitations and willingly laid down His life so that we could spend forever basking in His presence and enjoying His company.

My daily world toggles between raising little souls, trying to be half as good a spouse as my husband is to me (he sets the bar pretty high), being a good friend, daughter, sister, etc, making music, and figuring out how to keep our house looking at the very least picked up. My goals are many and I’m learning how to prioritize in the Spirit…to simplify.

My full length album, “Real With You” debuted in September 2013! Check out the music page to listen!

God has blessed my life tremendously, but in the midst of so much blessing, my heart is with the hurting and the oppressed.

Our Lord has placed a high call on everyone who believes in Jesus to carry out His legacy of love and service to the world, and I will spend my privileged days pursuing His will, so that I can do nothing less than everything He asks of me. May He pour out His great love through this vessel to all those He places in my path. May this website be one such vehicle.